Dating a hooters girl

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My managers would let me do homework in the office as long as I was taking care of my tables. You can't do that because you're one of the most beautiful girls and that's why you work here." My coworkers are the most amazing people in the world.

One of my best friends is a history major and a feminism activist.

If they start to become heavy, we have to take out whatever makes it heavy. And the shorts, you have to see what we call the smile under the shorts.

We call the shorts chicken wings so that when you turn around, there's some extra space in your shorts and they're not skintight.

I had never set foot in a Hooters before the day I applied, actually. I became a character, a character that really helped me develop my own personal sense of self.

It was never unclear to me what my role was going to be or what was expected of me when I was working there.

I'm not going to say that my dad loves it or anything, but they know most of my coworkers — they're like my best friends.

You can't go into it being like, "Oh, no, nothing sexual is ever going to happen." We're very sexually open girls, at least who I worked with.

I was tending bar and this guy stared at me nonstop, then his friend handed me a bill and was like, "This is because he likes you." I said, "You're making me feel cheap and creeping me out, and it's not cool." I've never been inappropriately touched. I'm still friends with the girls that I worked with even though I haven't been there in over a year.

We'll go to Target or whatever and buy huge big rings and wear them so that if someone creeps us out enough we just hold up our hands like, "Sorry, I'm taken." Thankfully my boyfriend bought me a ring this past Christmas — a promise ring — so I've had that. There's a certain way you have to wear your uniform.

Other than that, if people say things that make me feel uncomfortable, I'm just like, "Listen, bro, you can't do that here." Or I'll bring it up to my manager. You're only allowed to wear a ring on your ring finger, no other jewelry. It's already Hooters, so we don't want you to look tacky!

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