Dating adverts examples

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Even the richest of the rich want deals, they just get them on more expensive purchases.

If you can genuinely promise to save someone some money, you'd be foolish not to point this out.

For example, "call NOW and you'll get free shipping and an additional product free!

" Not only do consumers like things fast, they like them easy.

Of course, HOW you talk about it is just as important as what you're talking about.

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Another contender for most the most abused word on the list is best. Be ready to back up the use of the word best with concrete evidence, or the consumer will shrug and ignore you.As Mitch Hedberg once joked, " I would like to see a product that was available for three easy payments and one complicated payment." It's funny because, in reality, no-one wants anything to be complicated.Make life easy for the consumer, and use the word to point it out.There's no doubting the efficacy of the word free, but it has been rampantly abused over the years.When something is genuinely free, a consumer will sit up and take notice.

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