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But equally, you risk feeling forever frustrated and bored – despite a never-ending stream of new faces. With more of us living alone than at any point in history, being single as an active lifestyle choice is on the rise.You ride a gauntlet of emotion: lingering hope, excitement and resentment. Divorce rates are on the up , especially among women aged 30-39 and men aged 45-49. Women, in particular, hold greater financial independence (conversely, being in a relationship may harm us financially, not least when it comes to having children).“Simply put, they are a great way to meet people like you, away from the pressures of dating or singles sites and apps,” says Flash Pack co-founder Lee Thompson.“Not every person you get to know when you’re single needs to be a potential date, they can be a potential travel buddy instead.” The beauty of travelling in a group of like-minded solo’s is that you get all the excitement of meeting new people, with none of the residue anxiety that dating carries.

Janis Spindel and Carly Spindel work with women who have the 4 B’s – beauty, brains, body, and balance.When you meet people as you travel, there’s zero pressure. Either way, you can simply connect and let the interaction follow its natural course.Our Flash Pack adventures go one step further by placing you in a group of like-minded solo travellers.Janis Spindel & Carly Spindel are the Rolls Royce of Matchmaking. Janis Spindel is the Matchmaker to all Matchmakers.Janis Spindel is responsible for over 3,000 marriages.

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