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Personally I can not speak for the other students, but I struggled with the canned opener and telling my stories (this would show later in the night).As we were preparing our material Gareth noticed that I was using a lot of “you” statements alot and I was not using my voice properly.With low-pressure discussion, fun role-playing & helpful dating ‘homework’ we can help you discover the belief-patterns and behaviors that are holding you back and get you moving in the right direction to find and nurture the relationship you deserve.Profound change and improvement in your quality of life can’t happen overnight. Frankie offers new clients a three month contract that includes six 50-minutes sessions (either weekly or bi-weekly, we’ll work with your schedule).For the rest of the lecture portion that was all I did. Not only that I got blown out only once, which was a big improvement for me. We did not go to any night clubs but I felt different and Kevin noticed it as well.I worked on memorizing my opener making sure my stories were down pat, and get them ready for the field work that night. We did not do debriefing that night because our instructors scored with chicks over at the club. I missed the debriefing, but we went shopping for cloths.It did not occur that I neglected this aspect of my life, So hence, I decided to take a bootcamp.

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After this we went straight in the pre-bootcamp homework that each student was assigned to do, which was to memorize our canned openers and prepare our stories for the field exercise later that night.A lot of people ask us if we only teach in Los Angeles when we’re in California. Then keep reading and check out what one of our students had to say about his experience: “Greetings Group!I just took my bootcamp in San Diego with Kevin and Gareth and I wanted to share my experience with all of you.And because successful coaching depends on a good ‘fit’ between coach and client, we offer new clients an introductory session.If, after this intro consultation, we both agree the fit is right, you can sign up for the remaining five sessions.

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