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A small brocaded cloth, about a quarter of the size of a fukusa, used at tea ceremonies.When Koicha (thick tea) is served, a Dashibukusa is placed beside the Chawan by the host.It refers to a vague, indirect or unclear description.It shows a subtle and dignified manner, as not to express something directly in an obtrusive or bold way Also called akikusa: autumn flowers and grasses.A classic motif consisting of various selections of flowers and autumn grasses; traditionally includes hagi (bush clover), kiku (chrysanthemum), susuki (pampas grass), kikyo (Chinese bellflower) Japanese, thong toed sandals with wooden soles with two diagonal pieces of wood, making them somewhat stilt-like.The height is intended to help keep the kimono hem off the ground.

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An extra collar layer, stitched onto the inside of a kimono collar, with only its edge showing.Chuuya-Obi were used by iki-suji ladies in ancient Japan; iki-suji means a kind of kimono expert, such as a Geisha.Chuuya obi are now obsolete and are collectors' items.There will also be a Next button or arrow to let you check through the entire page.Another handy tip is to use the Page Up & Page Down keys on your keyboard, to scroll easily up and down any page.

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