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I got this one at this link directly to them at e Bay.multicoating was added in the 1970s, but since this is a very simple 1930s four-element, three group optical formula, it delivers great images even uncoated.All we brought on most flights to the moon were this 150mm, the 150mm, and that was it.Hasselblad has mostly abandoned making new lenses or bodies for the V system, but that's no big deal because it lasts forever and it's easy to get digital backs for it.If you have good eyes and want to see a few of these lenses, just look up at the moon.B78 February 1987 Top Sample Images Intro Compatibility Format Specifications Performance Compared Usage Recommendations More 150mm f/4 CF, no filter, 7.2 foot focus distance, 1992 Hasselblad 503 CX with 1985 PME metered prism that says EV 8, Kodak T-Max 100 in 1993 A12 magazine, f/22 for 3 seconds to add ½ stop for reciprocity failure.

Although there are many cosmetic variations from 1957 through 2013, its optics never changed.(Those with imperfect glass or needing repair can be 0 or less) CF, Black, Bay 60 filters: 5 ~ 0.Superachromat, Black, Bay 60 filters: If you have good eyes and want to see a few of these lenses, just look up at the moon.Only the external cosmetics, filter sizes, shutter systems and coatings have changed.We left left several of these on the lunar surface, still there today.

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