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A 2013 Cochrane review found no evidence that vitamin C supplementation reduces the risk of lung cancer in healthy or high risk (smokers and asbestos-exposed) people.

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A 2012 Cochrane review reported no effect of vitamin C supplementation on overall mortality.

Evidence for ascorbate's anti-tumor effects was limited to case reports and observational and uncontrolled studies." A meta-analysis of 44 clinical trials has shown a significant positive effect of vitamin C on endothelial function when taken at doses greater than 500 mg per day.

The endothelium is a layer of cells that line the interior surface of blood vessels.

The most recent meta-analysis, a Cochrane Review published in 2013, with inclusion criteria limited to trials that called for at least 200 mg/day, concluded that vitamin C taken on a regular basis was not effective in prevention of the common cold.

Limiting inclusion to trials that called for at least 1000 mg/day made no difference.

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