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During the upgrade, your website content will be updated to ensure there are no references to this IP (which will be replaced with your domain name).As we cannot detect or control domain names pointed to your IP not within’s platform, please ensure that if you have any external domains pointing to this IP they are updated to use the domain name as well. For your reference, below are the standard conventions going forward: Host = or ftp.Username = Password = your control panel password NOTE: is to be replaced with your actual domain Port = 21 If you are utilizing the existing IP address that is included with your package you are required to switch and begin using your domain name as displayed above, as your IP Address will be changing after this upgrade is complete. Your current settings to your already-created email boxes can remain the same.This email will include steps in order to review and confirm accuracy of the DNS records we have on file and instructions to update your name servers to provide the ability to complete the upgrade.You may login to your Domain Registrar’s Administrative interface and update to the following: 1st Name Server: ns1.2nd Name Server: ns2.3rd Name Server: ns3.4th Name Server: ns4.Depending upon where you registered your domain name, the instructions to update your name servers may vary.NOTE: If you must make text, image or other changes to your website content during the upgrade period, please email support at [email protected] we will send instructions to protect your revised content.If you do not make arrangements, changes that you make to your website content during the upgrade could be overwritten.You are not required to take any special action as far as backups of your content are concerned.

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If you are not using We Do’s name servers or did not register your domain name through We Do’s, you will receive an email notification outlining the steps required to update your name servers.Common registrars are listed below with instructions to update name servers for your reference.If you do not know your registrar, click here and enter your domain name to look it up.Yes, please continue to check your administrative contact email address on your account.Notifications will be sent to your administrative contact email address.

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