Dating longcase clocks

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In the autumn of 2004 selected items from the Royal Doulton museum were offered at auction by Bonhams to a packed New Bond Street saleroom.Included amongst the 500 plus lots were a selection of small figural groups modelled by their celebrated Victorian sculptor George Tinworth.In other words, more vintage furniture is acquired for its beauty and function rather than the profit potential of a piece.But whether you are looking for a piece of antique furniture for your home or looking for something to sell on; to become knowledgeable about identifying antique furniture takes research.It's still possible to buy the more restrained pieces for between £200 and £400 dating from about 1890 through to the 1920's.Doulton collectors understand that when it comes to collecting stonewares its usually a question of names and size.The Tinworth figural groups represent a tiny fraction of the art pottery output that consisted of primarily decorative vases and bowls.Despite the astronomical prices paid at the Bonhams auction the vast majority of Doulton's stonewares remain affordable.

It all began shortly after the Battle of Waterloo when in 1815 a young John Doulton set up his own pottery in Fulham at a cost of £100.

The most prominent lady artists were the Barlow sisters of Hannah, Florence and Lucy. Specialising in animal subjects such as horses, cattle and sheep incised into the clay Prices for Hannah's work start at £1,000 for a pair of 12 inch vases.

Florence appears to have a definite preference for British birds..

Get an expert opinion: A trained eye is more likely to find an undervalued treasure (or a clever fake) than a novice ever would.

Use the press and stay informed about current trends and potential scams in the antique trade by consulting popular and highly regarded antique trade publications.

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