Dating my ex boyfriend

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At the end of the year, I eventually cornered him in his office and professed my feelings for him. The resolutions of these ploys were akin to that of Andrew Logan's: disappointing and fruitless.And then in twelfth grade, I had heard through the teenage grape-vine that my classmate, Mark, was thinking of asking me to prom. I even came up with a list of reasons why he should go with me. Upon revealing that I was his secret admirer, Blockbuster Senior went red and said, "Thanks. I left the student council president's office with his number on a crumpled up receipt, but he didn't ask for mine, so I never called him. Looking back, I could chalk up my behavior to that belonging to a young, naïve romantic (who was always pretty ballsy), but instead, I see the early workings of a young manipulator.Then, years later, there was the coworker who, after months of fun and flirty emails, I managed to convince to meet outside of work under the ruse of delivering a check to me. A recent relationship came from my scheming to get laid. Not all of my relationships have been partially manufactured, but many of them have. When my mother picked me up from Blockbuster after my run-in with the red-faced senior, she told me, "That's not how it's supposed to work. It's important." Of course she was right, as most mothers annoyingly are, but it took me a long time (basically, until, now) to recognize it. But trying to force someone to love you is never a good deal; it's only a raw one for you.

(And impeccably creative -- I mean, that attention to detail!As I was flipping through the diary from my last two years of high school, I discovered an alarming pattern that made my stomach turn.In addition to my obnoxious and excessive usage of "shall," I noticed that when it came to boys, I was a grand puppet master.He was born in Vancouver -- so he's earthy and athletic -- but his law degree from Mc Gill University proves that he's also intelligent and articulate. " "Cool." They, of course, being the kindest people on earth, never questioned my sanity -- though maybe they should have -- or reminded me that was indeed, about the least "cool" thing on earth. They wished him "happy birthday" (not last week however) and sent him online quizzes such as, "Which Grease Character Are You? He always responded back in his jovial, cool manner, ending every sentence with his trademark, "Buddy." "Happy birthday, buddy," he'd write on my friend Rob's wall.His favorite authors include Fyodor Dostoevsky and Stephen King, but he also loves . As Andrew's messages became more frequent, I was forced to reveal Andrew's true identity to my close circle of friends. "Nice wave, buddy," "Lookin' good, buddy." Eventually, some close girlfriends of mine would request Andrew to post something flirty on their own wall and he was happy to oblige because he knew every girl has an ex-boyfriend who they can't get out from under her skin.

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