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Predominantly manufactured across two locations in America – Cleveland and Dayton, Ohio (Pre-CBS ownership) and Fullerton, California (Post CBS) – the Rogers brand was originally introduced by Irish migrant Joseph Rogers, who began manufacturing drumheads upon his arrival in America in 1849.

Thanks, Bruce I purchased a COB 5x14 7 line Dyna Sonic in the summer of 1964 at Schmit Music in Minneapolis.

When we think of legendary American actresses that Hollywood was built on, Virginia Katherine Mc Math (AKA Ginger Rogers) was certainly one of the finest.

When we think of legendary American drums that the golden era of popular music was built on, one of the finest drum sets ever produced was this here ginger Rogers.

It's not ready yet but I do have up dated numbers for most Rogers drums. This helps us with improving the accuracy of the dating guide. From the players perspective the bay to the right of center is a knobby mount in the center of the bay. The bay to the left of center has two Swivo mounts right next to the lugs on the top. We need date, size, color, lug type, paper tag info, serial numbers, model, all info about your drum. D114608 maple Big R 1983 D122346 maple Big R 1983 D731420 maple Big R 8x14, 1980 Powertones.

We need date, size, color, lug type, paper tag info, serial numbers, model, all info about your drum. Jack1963 Rogers Buddy Rich Celebrity 22x14” B/D in Red Sparkle Pearl. Straight hex Swivo cymbal stand with Swivo tilter in the front Swivo mount. Just the one you are absolutely sure you know the year it was purchased. 3627, Cleveland clockface cob, beavertails, 1964-65? 3732, Cleveland elongated wrapped wood, beavertail, 64-65 15697 Dayton Tag two of the beavertails on this are deteriorated in a fashion which suggests high heat exposure.

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