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Michelle Friedman Feb 14, I just read one of the comments and now I feel bad. Add a comment Cancel reply Your e-mail will not be published. Erika Murray Apr 6, I think this is a really cute couple and that they should stay together. If he wants to be with Halston he would appreciate this comment if he doesn't want to be with her it's his decision BTW I really really love james I find him really cute.

James ' last relationship with Halston Sage lasted nearly three years and according to the singer, they're still good friends. By May Maslow confirmed that the relationship was over since "this is a time to work.

Public knowledge that he and George Washington supported the proposed Constitution was perhaps as important as any other factor in securing its acceptance.

One of his last public acts was to sign a petition to Congress, as president of the Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery, urging emancipation and the end of the slave trade.[3] He died not long after the Constitution’s ratification, in April 1790.

Franklin also was a negotiator of the final peace treaty with Great Britain, which was signed in Paris in 1783.

Although it was rejected, he presented his Albany Plan for local independence within a framework of colonial union.

He returned to Philadelphia in 1775, only to be sent to Paris by the Continental Congress in 1776 as representative of the new United States to the French court.

There he negotiated a treaty of commerce and a defense alliance with France, which proved vital to the success of the American Revolution.

While still very young, he read books of “polemic Divinity,” mostly attacks on Deism that he found in his father’s library.

These books had an effect “quite contrary to what was intended by them,” Franklin tells us, and he became “a thorough Deist” by the time he was 15.[1] His unconventional religious beliefs, together with his fondness for disputing with his fellow Bostonians, contributed to his eventual need to depart for Philadelphia.

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