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Online dating can be rough, and no matter how many safeguards are in place in the multiple legitimate dating websites out there, the scammers are getting around the blocks and still luring in potential victims.While the reports of these types of scams are out there (even with copy and paste examples of the e-mails used), people still fall for the scams every day.The profile was fairly complete, with a few of the smaller-scale questions not answered.Overall, the profile initially raised no suspicion for me.So, I started the song and dance that is the e Harmony way, and back and forth we went with questions and such.That is, until the last stage when the match sent over a cryptic message of not being able to communicate via the system and that I should e-mail her. Now, most systems out there allow communication up to a certain point, and in this case, e Harmony was on a free communication week, and even if it hadn’t been, we had not reached that final ‘free’ part yet.Pick up on cues: for example, if your date mentions a certain actor she loves, treat them her night in with a DVD of that actor’s most recent film and a delicious home cooked meal.

We’re not saying turn up in the middle of the night and serenade your sweetheart from the street, but a touch of the unexpected goes a long way.

In this particular case, it was my profile on e Harmony that was targeted, and this is my recount of it.

It started with a potential match; a profile with a collection of tasteful photos of a beautiful woman, not too ‘out there’, but a face that stood out from the crowd.

A quick reply back lead to an even longer response from the scammer, again using photos from the model’s profile page and the same content found on many scam reporting websites.

But this time, I was being asked for money, as ‘she’ was stuck in London, unable to get home.

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