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Excavated in the 1960s, that Viking outpost was used for a short period of time around 1,000 years agoas well.Sagas from the time of the Vikings tell tales of their journeys into the New World, mentioning places named "Helluland" (widely believed to be modern-day Baffin Island), "Markland" (widely believed to be Labrador) and "Vinland," which is a more mysterious location that some archaeologists have argued could be Newfoundland.John’s, although it was supplanted by Fort Townshend in the 1770s, and demolished in 1881A Palladian-style mansion originally built for Thomas Cochrane, the first civil governor of the Newfoundland Colony; its construction marked the transition of the colony from a naval to civilian government, and the house has served as the official residence of Newfoundland’s governors and lieutenant governors ever since A complex of linked buildings, including a church, mission house, and store, all in a Germanic-influenced architectural style; a Moravian centre of religious instruction to the local Inuit, which also served commercial and medical purposes A complex of large, wooden buildings constructed by the Moravian Church; commemorates the interaction between Labrador Inuit and missionaries, and representative of Moravian Mission architecture in Labrador Sixty archaeological sites, dating from 5550 BCE onwards, representative of habitation from Maritime Archaic to Labrador Inuit; location of the second oldest Moravian mission in Labrador, founded in 1776 and abandoned in 1919The only town in Canada founded by a union; built by the Fishermen's Protective Union along an empty stretch of shoreline, the town was noted for its commercial success in the face of fierce competition from commercial merchants A World Heritage Site and the site of one of the largest whaling ports used between 15 by Basque whaling expeditions from France and Spain; well-preserved evidence of the 16th-century whaling activities remain on the site, both on land and submerged in the harbour Originally a suburb of large, wooden houses mainly from the late 19th to the early 20th centuries; a remarkably homogeneous grouping of upper middle class residences, associated with prominent Newfoundlanders of the period A magnificent stone cathedral designed by George Gilbert Scott for Canada’s oldest Anglican parish; a nationally significant example of Gothic Revival architecture, and one that conforms to the tenets of the Cambridge Camden Society Buildings and landscape features associated with the Roman Catholic, Anglican, United (formerly Methodist) and Presbyterian denominations; representative of the involvement of Christian institutions in the history and political life of St. John's served as the main North American base for trans-Atlantic escorts during the Second World War; Canadian and American gun batteries and Canadian air force squadrons protected St.Europeans settled Newfoundland slowly because of the commercial considerations of the fishery.

If confirmed, the discoveries would add to the single known Viking settlement in the New World, located at L' Anse aux Meadows on the northern tip of Newfoundland.With a humongous membership base of over 780,000 users, this website accommodates members from diverse ethnicities, cultures, regions and age groups.However, one thing is certain – you will have a lot of options to choose from.Inquiries concerning records prior to 1892 should be addressed to the The Rooms Archives.The Registry of Crown Titles and Records holds land documents together with background information, applications and legal surveys dating back to the 1830s.

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