Dating someone 18 years older than me

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The more you are confident in YOU, the less the bad stuff affects your decisions. A loving reciprocal relationship is tough to come by. I hope that when i do tell my parents they'll see how much i love him, and how sure i am in our relationship. There is no way on this earth that you can get them to 'like' the idea of you dating a much older guy. Going in and talking with them, you have realize BEFOREHAND that they can say whatever they feel.

I've avoided meeting this man because I'm convinced that it wouldn't work out well. Does my mother agree with the choice i am making no she doesnt, but she accepts it and supports me no matter how much she disagrees. They never approved my choice of course in diploma (graphic design).

Because whn you are sure, those OPINIONS are just opinions, not rules.

Now, I'm sure your parents wnat the best for you, I'm sure they want to know that you are safe in this situation, that you aren't going to shut them out, that you won't be used or hurt because of this relationship.

I haven't yet mustered the courage to share the situation with those I care for most, and it has become a very heave burden. It's you, that will go through most of the changes. wake up all sudden every night , breaking out cold sweat, I couldn't even have a proper nap without being hunt by dreams.

Thank you for letting me share it before I face the challenges ahead. My ex was nvr a good guy, but i kept grudge against my parents for not letting me to take charge of my life, I know we wont end well, but my parent not only NEVER LISTEN, they cold towards me throughout the days, we never speak, we never look eye too eye.

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