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In 1708 they sold a large piece of land that included Roxbury Township.

The deed for this transaction was written on an 18" x 28" piece of parchment and is still quite legible.

Specifically, the road went from Elizabeth, through Chatham, passed through Madison in almost a straight line, skirted Washington's headquarters in Morristown; ran along Sussex Avenue through Randolph and into Roxbury, and continued through Succasunny Plains, Drakesville (Ledgewood) and Stanhope to Newtown.

Their theology was similar to the Seventh Day Baptists and their practices much like the old Quakers.

The center of the settlement of the initial 20 families was Mountain Pond, it's name changed around 1912 to Lake Rogerene (or Lake Rogerine), long after the group had left.

The previously peaceful Delaware had joined the French against the Colonial/British settlers in New Jersey and had massacred members of almost a dozen families who had settled in Sussex County, causing alarm in Roxbury.

The Treaty completes the sale of Lenape Delaware land to European settlers and called for remaining Tribe members in New Jersey & eastern Pennsylvania to move to the Ohio Valley or join other Native Americans in Ontario.

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