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At the same time, my best friend Ellie was embroiled in a relationship with a guy whose behaviour was arousing her suspicions.She too had been checking his 'last seen' status religiously. What the hell is he doing on Whats App at when he didn't reply to my message at midnight? This one feature was making Ellie question the foundation upon which her relationship was built.According to Gian Ettore Gassani — president of the Online dating expert Julie Spira, meanwhile, says that the incessant checking of the 'last seen' timestamp should sound alarm bells in your relationship, regardless of what you find.

Some people are wising up to the revealing nature of their 'last seen' status and are opting to change their privacy settings to ensure this detail is omitted from their profile.

I pictured him texting another girl in the middle of the night. Or, was he texting on his way home from a midnight liaison? Something I dreaded seeing, yet masochistically checked as I searched for confirmation of what my instincts were telling me.

I thought about the contents of the messages that had been keeping him awake at night. Each time Whats App confirmed my suspicions, I felt ill.

We'd like to counter with: "DUH" (We're so good at punditry!

) Instead of hearing from "experts" we wanted to put our fingers on the pulse, AKA Twitter! CLICK HERE to view "Here Are All The Celebrities Who Have Tried Online Dating!

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