Dead sea scroll dating

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Daniels prophecy recorded in chapter 9 is called the prophecy of the 70-weeks.

The Hebrew word for "weeks" means a period of 7-years ].

The Archangel Gabriel brings an answer to Daniel that foretells the future.

Just as Daniel had prayed about the Jewish people and their return to Jerusalem, Gabriel gives Daniel a prophecy about the future of the Jewish people and Jerusalem.

The prophetic events are about the Jewish people, Jerusalem, and the coming Messiah.

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Four trustworthy methods have been used to unerringly date when the Dead Sea Scrolls were written.Christians accept Daniels prophecy of the 70-weeks because the prophetic events fit Jesus life so well.In general, people understand the 70-weeks prophecy to be literally foretelling of the Messiah.The reliability of paleography as a dating method is thus confirmed.By using 165 BCE as the date of authorship, any prophecy before that date would be considered to be like writing about past events.

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