Dealing dating rejection

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With the right mindset, rejection can even help you in the long run! Getting to that level of confidence can be difficult.

Let’s get this out of the way: being rejected – whether it’s by a relative stranger or by someone you have known and longed for for ages – sucks. However, it’s also not the end of the world scenario that you’ve conjured up in your head. After all, if the way to get over rejection is to get rejected, how are you supposed to learn from it in the first place?

but when you’ve had a chance to get home and put pen to paper, you should be taking notes about everything.

What you said, what she said, she said it, whether she mentioned having troubles with her boyfriend, stress from work, everything.

You need to remember that it only like everyone rejects you; you still have friends and family who love and care for you.

It’s literally all in how you’re choosing to see things.

The more you’re willing to see rejection as something you can learn from, the less rejection will bother you.

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Now it can be difficult to be detached and analytical when you’re in the moment…To quote a wise man: “Pain don’t hurt.” to reframe the situation.You can let it destroy you or you can decide that it’s not a big deal.You want to be able to take an honest and appraising look at what happened. it could just as easily be a fault of bad timing as something you did.Maybe you made an off-color joke that she took badly, or perhaps outside influences lined up in just such a way that she was not in a position to be receptive to your advances.

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