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Are you a Christian who seeks and acts on opportunities or do you sit back waiting for some type of sign to occur before you act? – Satan will not go into a church with a big agenda that could easily be spotted instead he comes in stealthily with small things that will cause division on a small basis and then escalating it till it splits a church.

– Hollywood has given everyone their interpretation of what love is and since TV watching is very heavy, their definition is accepted.

Christians must know the Word of God for themselves and order their life accordingly.

– When someone tells you that we need to agree to disagree, they are basically telling you that they do not want to consider your point of view and will remain believing what they have learned, even if it is error.

These references have gotten many drinking Christians angry and that’s too bad.When singles accept their singleness they can then make a mighty impact for the kingdom of God.– We need to live our lives according to the Scriptures and not philosophies or even according to the dictates of others.The reality is that when a person becomes saved they are indwelled with the Holy Spirit along with one or maybe two spiritual gifts preparing them for ministry.Every Christian is called to the ministry, just different kinds.

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