Definition of mandating reporting

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Officers however, have skills and tactics not commonly possessed by civilians.

Professional training in force, weapons, intimidation, interrogation and surveillance — along with the cultural climate — become a dangerous and potentially lethal combination in a domestic situation.

Many of the qualities valued in on-duty police officers can make them dangerous domestic violence offenders.

All abusers employ similar methods to control and abuse their intimate partners.

NCQA has an on-line reporting tool called Quality Compass that is available for a fee of several thousand dollars.

It provides detailed data on all measures and is intended for employers, consultants and insurance brokers who purchase health insurance for groups. News & World Report to rank HMOs using an index that combines many HEDIS measures and accreditation status.

In current usage, the "reporting year" after the term "HEDIS" is one year following the year reflected in the data; for example, the "HEDIS 2009" reports, available in June 2009, contain analyses of data collected from "measurement year" January–December 2008. For example, a measure for the length of stay after giving birth was deleted after legislation mandating minimum length of stay rendered this measure nearly useless.

Increased attention to medical care for seniors prompted the addition of measures related to glaucoma screening and osteoporosis treatment for older adults.

Clinical measures use the administrative or hybrid data collection methodology, as specified by NCQA.

Administrative data are electronic records of services, including insurance claims and registration systems from hospitals, clinics, medical offices, pharmacies and labs.

For example, a measure titled Childhood Immunization Status requires health plans to identify 2 year old children who have been enrolled for at least a year.

It is common for a woman to tell her counselor that she cannot call the police on her intimate partner or have him arrested because she does not want to betray his trust.

She defends his character and makes excuses for his behavior.

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