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I can do a reverse lookup on the IP and that works but not name to IP.

records so that other mailservers can find you to send mail to your users, and so that other mailservers will trust you to receive your mail.

We have a full step by step tutorial that you can view at: Example 1 – PTR record for the block (addresses – and the reverse DNS for

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Since there is no dynamic reverse lookup zone, the registration fails, but the DHCP database cleanup, performed every 60 minutes, attempts the registrations that previously failed.

There are also DNS records designed to protect you from spam and to help other servers to trust that your server is not a spam host.

This article attempts to put all the DNS considerations together into one document for your review.

Virtually all DNS Hosting Provider provide a web browser based control interface used to modify your DNS records, and should provide the technical support needed if you get stuck trying to modify any of the DNS records discussed in this article.

Some common DNS Hosting providers consist of companies such as Go Daddy, Network Solutions and Dyn DNS to name three.

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