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It turns out that our dogs would one day Pyrenees, another turn of the Tatras and so on and so forth.

We therefore decided to provide answers to some of these authentic idiocies of the web continue The vaccine against canine distemper or parvovirus have a minimum of about seven years and we can conclude that they can protect your pet for life and yet the dogs are vaccinated every year.

Here is our new male Attila when he had 10 months: Sunday August 16 th 2009 they are the traditional walking of the Morrone Mountains devoted to the transumanza.

One daughter of Nerina, Margherita Bianca won on the special Junior Bitch.

It deals with one of the most important show dogs in the world and it is the best answer that can be given to whom say that our dogs aren't typical dogs.

The meeting is an initiative of promotion of the tratturis denominated "On the Paths of the Tratturis" They numer of our dogs present on the various part of the world is increased.

Senta is a first female of our Abruzzese shepherd dogs in Usa and become a symbol of our region.

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