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- To dream that you DISCUSS with your girlfriend or boyfriend, it means likely conflict with that person.-To dream of FLING (sweethearts who are not serious), represents slander and gossip - If you dream that your girlfriend or boyfriend FLIRTING WITH SOMONE ELSE, it means you feel jealous that unjustified or unduly suspicious or him or her.- If you feel the dream IN LOVE with someone, signifies success in love, as if a person falls in love with us.- If you dream that you have a girlfriend or boyfriend who does NOT KNOW IN YOUR DAILY LIVING, in the dream you ask someone to watch you, to know if you're being unfaithful, then there is someone who likes you, but do not apply because suspicious of you, by the way you behave or because of hearsay.BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer had broken up with her boyfriend two months previously after he was caught cheating on her.The relationship is a lot better since he has put things right.- If you dream of someone who was our girlfriend or boyfriend, but ALREADY DIED, we distinguish two types of dreams: 1.when it comes to a normal dream, in which the meaning depends on the expression which our girlfriend or boyfriend, so that, for example, if this is angry because we feel guilty about something related to that person, and 2.

Here's what you do (I promise this works): Write down your most recent dream of your ex.

I recommend being creative and writing out a scenario where the impact of seeing her with another guy is dwarfed by, I dunno, Gigi Hadid walking up and asking for your number. That means, at some point in your dream, you need to confront the ex and write out everything you would like to say to her. If you are mad at her, write out why and feel free to use curse words. Let her know it's officially over, you are 100 percent done, seeing her with someone else is totally fine because life goes on, etc. Once it is all out of you and on paper — or on your PC, tablet or phone — get rid of it.

Rip it out of your journal and throw it in the trash, or delete it.

She even cheated on a boyfriend with me for some time (four to five months).

She used to tell me about this guy or that one seemingly to make me jealous. I keep having a dream where I repeatedly see her with other guys.

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