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One had quite a small penis, the other had a nice fat hard cock which I struggled to fit inside me. We always joked about it when were drunk but one night it actually happened. And don’t hold back.” “In my last year at university I had a threesome with two guys on my course. I could see that there was a balcony directly over the dance floor.

We had never spoken about our previous sexual experiences before. My penis was getting very stiff watching my wife act this way. They turned face to face and began to passionately kiss. He grabbed her hand and led her off the dance floor. “It’s been so long since I've had a cock this big, fuck me really hard.” All I could hear through the cubical was skin slapping together at a 100mph. I took it in my hand and beat it off at the same rate as he fucked my wife. “I’m going to cum, arghh fuck, ahh.” I could hear them finishing off. “Stick your finger in my arse while you fuck me, I’m about to cum.” “Grab my hair.” I could hear him nailing her good a proper. She finally returned as though nothing had happened.

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