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Like last spring's Creators Update, Fall Creators Update isn't a drastic overhaul, but it does add some nifty new tools, mobile integrations with i OS and Android, major new app capabilities, security improvements, and helpful system tweaks.

Even with all its forward-looking features, however, the OS remains familiar to longtime users.

Even before the Fall Creators Update, Microsoft's flagship software has proven to be a much bigger success than its ill-fated predecessor, Windows 8: Windows 10 already claims 29 percent of the desktop operating system share, with more than 600 million copies installed (as of early December).

By comparison, all versions of Apple's desktop operating system account for less than 8 percent of worldwide computers, according to data from Net Market Share.

The 64-bit version of Windows 10 increases the RAM requirement to 2GB and the disk space to 20GB.

It's preinstalled on all new PCs, but you can get the software via download or on USB sticks for the same prices as previous Windows versions; that is, 9.99 list for Home and 9.99 for Pro.

Is there an option in settings to have Spotify auto update newly added tracks to downloaded playlists?

Right now it looks like Spotify has to be open in the foreground on my Google Pixel in order to add newly added tracks to downloaded playlists.

Two Education versions target K-12 institutions: Windows 10 Pro Education and Windows 10 Education.

And let's not forget the lightweight edition that powers Internet of Things devices and the Raspberry Pi: Windows 10 Io T Core.

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