Filtering data and validating data in excel

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For example, select "Fruit" in cell B2, and "apple, banana, peach" appear in the drop down list in cell C2. In this dependent data validation example, if a country is selected from the first drop down, only that country's cities appear in the next column's drop down list. After you learn the basics, you can use the Excel IF function to make the selection more flexible.

If no country is selected, the City column will show a list of world cities in the dependent drop down list.

Check out this video for a quick data validation overview.

You can download an example workbook with all of the data validation examples you'll find in this article.

I guess the validation list would require an array result.

In essence I'm looking to create a validation list based on a "filtered" results list from another table.After you select a Region, the drop down list in column C shows the customers in the selected region.Go back and select a different region, and the existing customer name will be cleared. Clear Contents End If End If exit Handler: Application.You can limit the choices in a drop down list, so that it only shows items related to the selection in another cell.In this example, a region is selected in column B, and only the customers in that region will appear in the drop down list in column C.

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