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(My absolute bare minimum standard is BBBJCIM with spit. She goes by the name Bella, says she's from Fort Lauderdale, and is the girl in the pics.

All services covered, which is a dealbreaker for me. Drum roll pleasešŸ„129345;129345; I should have kept trying to get ahold of Jessica Dime.

gotta get Lola in the sack man, take her to the Garden for the Terrells, Jimmy give me the tickets for 12 bucks, I pull the midnight shift, I could do 60 bucks... His eyes on the same blonde exec who looks away, self- conscious about her legs.

(recalling) That's Hanratty, Hoskins, Bank, Boyle and Kahn...

The morning rush hour crowds swarm through the dark, narrow streets like mice in a maze, all in pursuit of one thing: MONEY... Blurred faces, bodies, suits, hats, attache cases float into view pressed like sardines against the sides of a door which now open, releasing an outward velocity of anger and greed, one of them BUD FOX. SUBWAY EXIT - MORNING The bubbling mass charges up the stairs.

Towering landmark structures nearly blot out the dreary grey flannel sky. SUBWAY PLATFORM - EARLY MORNING We hear the ROAR of the trains pulling out of the station.

Summer is a Puerto Rican sperm receptacle with some great dick sucking lips and a puffy cameltoe!

he thinks he can break a contract with me he's got something to learn.

As the elevator stops again to disgorge two people.

Very surprised she did not complain, as it was sooo tight, and I was bottoming out(which I love, feels amazing).

Cute, crazy tight, took some time to work it in, but took a pounding like she wanted it harder.

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