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On January 23, 2003 , the Undersecretary of Defense, Francesco Bosi, responding to an interrogation by Member of Parliament Mauro Bulgarelli (Green Party), stated that a contract of about 2.5 million USD, to be paid by the U.S., was being carried out for the readjustment of storage facilities in which there had been structural failings* and for the maintenance of others.During the summer, we often drive by that fenced area on our way to the beach. Railway lines arrive inside the base, connecting it to the Pisa Airport, the Turin-Rome railroad, the Navicelli Canal leading to the Port of Livorno and it is also near the Pisa exit on the A12 Autostrada. The commander of the base is an Italian officer (Colonel Raffaele Iubini, since 2005), together with a U. commander (Lieutenant Colonel Steve Sicinski, since 2005). , a 1995 memorandum of understanding between Italy and the U. As documented by the organization ( whose data have thus far proved reliable), the 31st Munitions Maintenance Squadron based at Camp Darby «is responsible for USAFE's largest and most dispersed conventional munitions stockpile, consisting of 21,000 short tons collocated in Italy, The number of permanent residents, between personnel and their families, exceeds 2,000. Additional militarized civilian personnel is supplied by U. There are approximately 580 Italian employees, including maintenance workers, cleaning personnel and laborers, some of which depend directly from Washington; others are employed by Italian firms contracting for services within the base. We have become accustomed to the point of forgetting that part of the pine forest near our homes is closed and inaccessible. Reading these pages will help counter the excuses made by politicians and local administrators who postpone ad infinitum the concrete policies aimed at eliminating this immense U. It occupies roughly 1000 hectares (2500 acres), in an ideal position for the Mediterranean basin. bases in Italy, is included in the chain of command of the Pentagon and therefore not subject to Italian decision making mechanisms. and Italian personnel) Assigned to the command present at the U. base in Heidelberg, Germany (which is also the headquarters of the US Army Supreme European Command) AFN CID 106 FM (the base radio station) Assigned to the command present at the U. base in Heidelberg, Germany Criminal Investigations Division Assigned to the command present at the U. base in Heidelberg, Germany Contract Office Assigned to the command present at the U. base in Heidelberg, Germany 839th Transportation Battalion (nautical transport within and outside the base) This battalion is assigned directly to a command in the state of Illinois. The recreation centers under the , between active duty and retired service members and their families.HISTORY OF THE BASE On July 19, 1944 the troops of the Fifth Army under the command of General Mark Clark occupied and liberated Livorno from the Germans. ships began arriving; the port, under complete control of the Allied Command, was quickly put back to use. In 1948 an agreement was signed between Italy and the U. S., Canada and Australia following the occupation of the Dalmatian peninsula.The city was in ruins; the port and various structures in the city had sustained serious damage. And so Livorno became the main strategic port of the Allied Forces in the Mediterranean and the pine forest of the was converted into an enormous deposit supporting the Allied Forces. Much of the aid of the European Recovery Program (ERP), or Marshall Plan, flowed through this node. Darby, killed in Alto Adige April 30, 1945, the final day of the war.In 1999, the total capacity of the deposits was certified to be 32,000 tons of ordnances.According to estimates, the base houses over 1.5 million munitions.

Responding to an interrogation by Member of Parliament Elettra Deiana (Refounded Communist Party), Defense Undersecretary Bosi affirmed that the work concerned only repairs on the dock of the Tombolo relative to the canal, for which the required authorization had been requested from the military administration. , in the province of Pisa, but actually on the outskirts to the north of Livorno (Leghorn). During the summer, the lodging facilities become a tourist attraction due to their location on the Italian Riviera just a short distance from the seaside resort of Tirrenia.LEGAL STATUS The Camp Darby is not under extra-territorial conditions, in fact the treaty does not allow for the surrender by the Italian Republic of sovereignty of the area, but only its concession to the U. Additionally, the base is under the authority of the commander of the 22nd Setaf group of Vicenza, the primary U. Army base in Southern Europe, to which Camp Darby is assigned. S., attributes the Italian authorities tasks relative to the security of the base, but not the authority to establish the use thereof. base in Heidelberg, Germany (which is also the headquarters of the US Army Supreme European Command) M. The military personnel consist in approximately 350 U. The Italian workers are supported by a national coordination of CISL trade unionists, which deals with civilian personnel on U. military bases in Italy; other trade unions such as The base is surrounded by other important military structures: situated at San Piero a Grado is the Multiforce Center for Military Application Studies (CISAM), formerly headquarters for the Italian military nuclear reactor.March 1997 As part of the investigation carried out by Judge Mastelloni on the crash of an Argo 16 aircraft of the Italian Air Force in Marghera on November 23, 1973, a series of interesting circumstances emerged regarding the base at Camp Darby. Therefore, no images or recordings of any type are available. No monitoring, no satellite coverage, no possibility to record movements or communications between the ships docked in the port and the port authorities.1) It would seem, in fact, that in the 1970s in the underground deposits hundreds of nuclear warheads were stored; according to Mastelloni the nuclear weapons were still -- in 1997 -- hidden away in the deposits. naval ships in the port of Livorno the night of the incident, discrediting therefore the version furnished 11 years prior by the commander of the Camp Darby is not now in possession, nor was it at the time, of equipment capable of intercepting the radio communications of the Moby Prince. If, as claimed, no radar exists, the helicopters of the base may not fly at night, not even in case of emergency: therefore any emergencies must take place during the day, in sunlight, and preferably during office hours EXPANSION PLANS RECENT CHRONOLOGY News of the expansion of Camp Darby Dating dates back to the early 1990s, based on a NATO project that provides for the construction of various infrastructures totaling approximately 52 million USD.

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