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Hard Cover Good Good Octavo -- from 7.75" to 9.75" Tall A guy blessed with "amazing virility," but just y'know, gosh, shucks, shy as the dickens, contents himself with watching Lovers Lane-type couples until his writing abilities land him in the big city, where he finds himself involved with Adele and Lenore and Leisha and enough participatory action to keep him out of the Peeping Tom circuit for the foreseeable future. Dusty/tanned edges, moderate edgewear, dampstaining to spine/right edge of back cover.Dust jacket w/small sticker glue residue to front panel , 1/2" tear to top edge of front panel, impressions, some scratching, minor dampstaining to spine/right edge of rear panel.Price: 15.00 USD Brown, Roberta The Horny Heiress New York Pleasure Books 40371 1978 0-532-40371-1 / 9780532403715 First Edition Stiff Card Wraps Very Good Sextodecimo -- from 5.75" to 6.75" A female reporter determined to get a story finds herself on the estate of Baron Von Sadisto. I bet he's fond of kittens, long walks under the stars, and cuddles. Moderate surface wear, turned corner, light general wear Price: 12.00 USD Carter, Ralph Profane Toronto Derby 1 1949 1st Derby edition Paperback About Good Sextodecimo -- from 5.75" to 6.75" Canadian publication reissuing the 1947 hardcover edition published by Phoenix Press. ) gives up "making sin pay in a big way" to become "a devoted and loving wife," but when a former boyfriend "eager to renew his option on her charms" shows up and infoms her husband about her past, said husband takes a self-righteous hike, whereupon said woman, "having tested sacred love and found it wanting," returns to "pursuing its profane counterpart." 147 pages. "She wanted desperately to be like the other girls on campus. operative taking on a partner who is hell-bent on avenging her brother's murder. Price: 30.00 USD Collier, Max Test of Love Midwood 33-683 1966 First Edition Paperback Good Duodecimo -- from 6.75" to 7.75" tall Paperback original. An Amazon, a dancer and a sweet young thing all have the hots for the same guy. Some spine slat, reading creases/handling wear, crease to top left corner of back cover. Rubbing, impressions, light tanning, handling wear. Price: 10.00 USD De Long, Barry Girls on Demand Interlude Press 60457 Paperback Very Good to Fine Duodecimo -- from 6.75" to 7.75" tall No date. There's an epidemic of attractive girls who go missing for twenty-four hours, who return with no idea where they went, with whom, or what was done to their luscious little bodies during that time, and the intrepid hero of this literary masterpiece is hired by one of 'em to find out. and Mrs.' on the motel register./Rona and Jan--Two girls more interested in each other than in any man./Karl and Frank--They had violent ideas about women, and were ready to fight each other for their next victim./A relentless tale of thirteen men and women who could hide their stored-up passions from the rest of the world--but not from each other!Rubbing, reading crease to left front cover, impressions, wear to corners/spine ends, 1" separation at bottom right spine edge, minor dampstaining along fore-edge, a couple of turned corners, slight mustiness, smudging. But inside her was a white-hot flame of fear and the memory of the man who had come to her in the barn." (whaaattttt???? Price: 7.50 USD Coulter, Adam Strange Lovers Saber Book SA-74 1965 Paperback Good Sextodecimo -- from 5.75" to 6.75" ta A wealthy actress gets her jollies by watching "a girl shuddering and moaning with delight beneath an undulating male figure," so naturally she marries a guy who wants only wealth, "providing he did not have to work, commit murder, or make love to another man." Spine slant/roll, light rubbing, mild edgewear, light handling wear, tanning. "; cover illustration by Victor Olson; rubbing, uneven reading creases, small ink "C" to front cover, corner wear, 1/2" separation to bottom right spine edge, tanning, general wear; Price: 15.00 USD Donot, Dora, b/w Brook Linn Detecting Her Desires b/w Passionate Private Eye New York Bee Line / Beeline DN 6863-B 1984 0-503-06863-2 / 9780503068639 First Edition Paperback Good Duodecimo -- from 6.75" to 7.75" tall Paperback original.Although the words "First American Publication" are emblazoned across the top of the front cover, there is no publisher listed, no place, no date, or any copyright information.

Mild spine slant, moderate dampstaining to edge of back cover and page edges at rear, general wear. Price: 9.50 USD Brossard, Chandler In Other Beds Belmont B75-214 1968 First Edition Paperback Good Duodecimo -- from 6.75" to 7.75" tall "Bride or bitch? Women in love as depicted by the most famous female writers of this era where love is the universal cry and sex the quick response." Contributors include Rona Jaffe, Simone de Beauvoir, Edna O'Brien, Mimi Harper, Jeannette Kamins, Maude Hutchins, and others. Rubbing/thin scratches, mild dampstaining to edges of back cover, general wear. Dormitory Women Signet 1646 1959 1st Signet edition Paperback Very Good Sextodecimo -- from 5.75" to 6.75" Canadian printing. This one's got all the earmarks of great literature: a crumbling marriage that drives the protagonists to other people: the husband into the arms of another woman who has his child and loses it because of *her* peeping-tom husband's shenanigans, and the wife "into the depraved arms of another woman." (gotta be on constant guard against those depraved arms). A fairly nice copy of a relatively uncommon printing. The Cross Report on Perversion Beacon-Signal Beam B794X K 1964 First Edition Paperback Good Duodecimo -- from 6.75" to 7.75" tall The author "describes and analyzes many areas of aberration," including sadism, masochism, homosexuality, exhibitionism, voyeurism, sex precocity among children, sex among elders, frigidity, impotence, fetishism, transvestitism, adolescent sex, and sexual aspects of marriage. Edgewear, 1/2" tear to front cover fore-edge, a couple of bent corners, moderate general wear. The story of a slut and a race track and horses, although race track or not, the horses definitely don't get ridden as much as the slut. Internally tight and clean (and let's face it: isn't that what we all want in our reading material? Price: 25.00 USD Dickson, Cary King's Women Bee-Line 187 1967 First Edition Paperback Fair Reading Copy Duodecimo -- from 6.75" to 7.75" tall After crash-landing on a deserted island with a planeload of man-hungry babes, a co-pilot does the decent thing, and decides to bang them all. Price: 6.50 USD Donner, James That Motel Weekend Beacon B782X/Universal Publishing 1964 First Edition Paperback Good Sextodecimo -- from 5.75" to 6.75" paperback original; just your average cast of boring characters in this one, nothing special at all; we've got "Staley and Alva--An executive and his employee's wife, 'Mr.The scorching story of an alluring beauty who made beasts of men! Price: 15.00 USD Everett, John Dark Yearning New York Bedside Book BB 1132 / Nagam Corp.1960 1st thus Paperback Good reading copy Sextodecimo -- from 5.75" to 6.75" "Her husband was a monster -- her bridal night a hideous nightmare." (so this is a documentary....? Mild slant, much creasing/handling wear, sticker pull, rubbing, light soil. Light edgewear, two full-length vertical creases to front cover, thin scratches. Lover Boy Belmont 240 1961 2nd edition Paperback Good Sextodecimo -- from 5.75" to 6.75" "The unashamed story of lonely women in a little New England town--and the man who wove a net of passions around them all." Strong spine slant, a couple of mild crosscracks, previous owner's name/date/a couple of small ink squiggles to front end paper, handling wear.Price: 15.00 USD Anonymous Ellen's Story New York Blue Moon Books 1588 1990 1-56201-158-8 / 9781562011581 First Edition Paperback Very Good Sextodecimo -- from 5.75" to 6.75" "Young Ellen learns that not all punishments a young woman receives are painful." (apparently this one enjoys a cracking good birching a wee bit more than one might expect.) 198 pages 4 pages of advertisements for other fine literary works from Blue Moon.Slight spine roll/slant, a bit of edgewear, light general wear. Price: 20.00 USD Anonymous (Stanislas de Rhodes) Autobiography of a Flea No Place No Publisher First American Publication Paperback Good Sextodecimo -- from 5.75" to 6.75" A classic in the field of erotica, first published in 1887, and the basis for the 1976 porno film of the same name.

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