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A lot of girls get discouraged during this time and end up quitting, thinking it will never get better…BIG honking mistake!

But if you’re one of those ladies who wants to go all the way and learn how to become a cam girl that takes no prisoners, the knowledge you need to do it is in my course!!

UCS is the best, most comprehensive cam girl guide out there.

Of course, you will be the one who decides how much of this information you want to actually use.

Okay, this tutorial/FAQ is going to assume you’re a female, so if you’re not, it might get a little awkward…I profusely apologize (but no worries, nearly all of this info goes for men, as well).

My name is Buttler (yeah, my parents were pretty much unbelievable assholes) and let me tell you, I’ve spent a huge amount of time working with various different webcam models, over the years, showing them how to become a cam girl that kicks azz all over the freaking place.

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