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He also doesn't like to study, which only further hinders his performance in school.

Nobita is not very athletic either, much to Gian's frustration.

(Beginning) Lazy, absent-minded, air-headed, whiny, timid, naive, clumsy, immature, crybaby, dependent, gullible, cowardly, idiotic, forgetful, sloppy, skittish, impulsive, curious, needy, reckless, foolish, lackadaisical, mischievous, troublesome, annoying, slow, weak, stubborn, creepy, judgmental, condescending, undisciplined, unwise, wimpy, nosy, inconsiderate, irresponsible, discourteous, useless, blunt, unlucky, miserable, oblivious, pathetic, predictable, wayward, pushover, narcoleptic, insomniac, talkative, back-talker(Developed traits) honest, kind, friendly, concerned, intelligent, creative (Philippines cast)Huang Yan Laugh (Chinese cast)Nuria Marín Piqó (Spanish cast)Davide Garbolino (Italian cast; second dub-2005 anime)Agnieszka Fajlhauer (Polish cast)Helena Mota (European Portuguese cast)Layra Campos (Brazilian Portuguese cast)Carole Baillien (French cast)Geni Ray (Catalan cast)1979 anime: Amenah Omar (Arabic cast)Marjolaine Poulain (French cast)Araceli de Leon (Spanish cast, some episodes)Laura Torres (Latino cast, first voice)Leyla Rangel (Latino cast, second voice)Romy Mendoza (Latino cast, third voice)Assumpta Navascues (Spanish cast)Massimo Corizza (Italian cast; first dub, first voice)Marco Joannucci (Italian cast; first dub, second voice)Helena Mota (European Portuguese cast, second dub)Angélica Santos (Brazilian Portuguese cast)Akash Ahuja (Hindi cast-previous)Simaran Kaur (Hindi cast-current) Nobi Nobita), known simply as Noby in the American and UK versions, is the protagonist of the Doraemon series.

Nobita was a failure of a person until Doraemon came from the 22nd century to aid him so he could have a better future in life.

Nobita is very dependent on Doraemon and begs for multiple things, much to his disapproval.

Many things that Nobita wishes for include; vengeance on his bullies, a better product than what Suneo brags about, and privileges.

In one of his dreams, he, as a genius, successfully produced a rocket to Mars in his bedroom.Nobita's signature colour is yellow and he is usually represented by the colour.In the early episodes of the 1979 anime Nobita wears a yellow shirt and navy blue shorts but still has black hair. In the later episodes he is a lot taller than his other versions, in fact, the tallest among all the versions.Both events show Nobita's amazing talent at thinking outside the box.Nobita's creativity is proof enough of his high intelligence, Unlike Dekisugi Hidetoshi, he lags behind in showing it.

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