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In modern times, couscous production is largely mechanized, and the product is sold in markets around the world.In the Sahelian countries of West Africa, such as Mali and Senegal, pearl millet is pounded or milled to the size and consistency necessary for the couscous. The base is a tall metal pot shaped rather like an oil jar in which the meat and vegetables are cooked as a stew.Ibn Baṭṭūṭa also mentions rice couscous in the area of Mali in 1350.Couscous was traditionally made from the hard part of the durum, the part of the grain that resisted the grinding of the millstone.In Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and Libya, couscous is generally served with vegetables (carrots, potatoes, turnips, etc.) cooked in a spicy or mild broth or stew, and some meat (generally, chicken, lamb or mutton).In Algeria and Morocco it is also served, sometimes at the end of a meal or just by itself, as a delicacy called "sfouff".This labor-intensive process continues until all the semolina has been formed into tiny granules of couscous.

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The conversion seems to have occurred sometime in the 20th century, although many regions continue to use the traditional millet. Archaeological evidence dating back to the 10th century, consisting of kitchen utensils needed to prepare this dish, has been found in this part of the world. He buys from them what he likes, but not rice, as eating the rice is harmful to white men and the fûnî is better than it.

It is also common in Western Africa whence it has spread into Central Africa. Couscous reached Turkey from Syria to in the 16th century and is eaten in most of the Turkish southern provinces.

In Rome Bartolomeo Scappi's culinary guide of 1570 describes a Moorish dish, succussu.

Fish couscous is a Tunisian specialty and can also be made with octopus, squid or other seafood in hot, red, spicy sauce.

Couscous in Tunisia is served on every occasion; it is also served in some regions (mostly during Ramadan), sweetened as a dessert called masfouf.

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