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Now when you break up, along with lazy means of communication like text messages, email, and instant messenger, you now have to deal with Facebook and other forms of social networking.

The most frequently mentioned source of online angst is of course Facebook.

Keeping in touch has changed and so has breaking up.

Back in ‘olden times’ you really had very little means of keeping in touch with someone or keeping tabs on them.

Even if you do find yourself uncomfortable you can always hide their updates from your newsfeed. It’s one thing to have gone out with them in the first place but trying to hold on to an assclown and expect a friendship from them is like trying to make a crumb into a loaf in a relationship – not going to happen.

You may also end up feeling harassed if they persist and if you guilt trip yourself and hesitate about de-friending them for fear of upsetting them further, it’s just opening yourself up to further pain. When you find yourself on Facebook morning, noon, and night, and seizing on grains of information in their updates and deriving meaning from them, or interrogating them about that woman you saw with them in a picture, it is time for you to de-friend them for your option is to de-friend.2) While you may not be over them, you’re OK with it being over.3) That you’re not predisposed to check up on your ex (you’re not the type that would check up on them on dating sites etc) 4) While you won’t be skipping with joy, you’re prepared for the possibility of hints of their life appearing on Facebook whether it’s on their profile or those of mutual friends.Facebook is compelling because it’s a very passive way of getting a window into other people’s lives – you can snoop without feeling like a snooper.However for the broken hearted (and the type of person hellbent on keeping a foothold in your life), it’s a very passive way of keeping tabs on your ex.

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