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"In response to client interest in digital currencies we are exploring how best to serve them in this space," a Goldman spokeswoman told The Journal.If Goldman follows through, it will be the first blue-chip financial services firm to break into the cryptocurrency market, which this year has exploded in value.

In a recent paper, Tonja Jacobi and Kyle Rozema studied oral arguments from 1960 through 2015 and found that when justices interrupt each other during oral argument, they are seven percent less likely to vote together in that case. Black, Jerry Goldman and Sarah Truel found that the advocate who is asked more questions is more likely to lose the case, and Bryce J. Enos and Maya Sen were able to accurately predict many of the justices’ eventual votes in a case solely through measurement of their vocal pitch at oral argument. He was a judicial fellow and research associate at the U. And this would be so whether or not the Christian Scientists offered their prayers or “counseling” for free.The justices reasoned then that allowing the fees would help to avoid both labor strife and the prospect that nonmembers could be “free-riders” who benefit from the union’s collective bargaining efforts without having to pay for them. Welcome, David, and thank you for taking the time to participate in this question-and-answer exchange for our readers. Whether burglary of a nonpermanent or mobile structure that is adapted or used for overnight accommodation can qualify as “burglary” under the Armed Career Criminal Act of 1984, 18 U. Consider an advertisement posted by Christian Scientists, without affiliation, stating “Chest Pain, Blood Loss, Broken Bones? ” and directing patients to an office where they receive only prayers for healing.But that decision has come under fire in recent years, in a series of cases asking the court to overrule Savvy litigators can often guess the outcome of a Supreme Court case by observing the oral argument. Norton), which received the ABA’s Silver Gavel Award, and a two-volume casebook, “Constitutional Law and Politics” (10th ed., W. And congratulations on the publication of your latest book, which is quite extensive in its examination of Justice Robert Jackson’s views on We rely on our readers to send us links for our round-up. Surely the government could act to prevent harm to patients before it occurs, especially if the Christian Scientists have compounded the deception by designing the office to look like a medical facility, with employees in lab coats collecting patients’ health information, suggesting that medical treatment is available, just behind the curtain.Goldman Sachs is flirting with the idea of setting up a bitcoin trading shop.The Wall Street powerhouse is in the very early stages of potentially setting up a bitcoin trading operation, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal's Paul Vigna, Telis Demos, and Liz Hoffman.

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