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Online leaflets and static information materials have no social component--even those materials offering single-user interactivity or asynchronous, multi-user (predominantly textual) interactivity remain seriously lacking in this respect.

Second Life, on the other hand, is about 3D social networking par excellence; it has this unique 'human touch' and is instantaneous, something not found (in a similar way) in 2D social networking sites like My Space and Facebook or in instant messaging/voice chatting services like Paltalk.

Second Life is closer in many respects to face-to-face/social encounters, but also adds to them many exciting new dimensions, fantasy, and virtually endless possibilities--you name it.

And let's not forget that Second Life is a collaborative 3D wiki and an immersive audio-visual spatial experience that users can edit, experiment with, and see the changes in real time! The differences between reading a book, seeing the movie, and watching the same movie in 3D HD (High Definition) are evident.

Rather than just offering a set of predefined e Bay templates, e Seller Solutions is able to design a template that is custom-made for your brand. Boulos - April 2007October 2011--The 3D Web is one step closer: Based on Unity3D, Jibe allows users to publish multiuser virtual worlds directly on the Web (to run in standard Web browsers) or on a mobile device Jibe - see also: Kataspace (plugin-free, HTML5 virtual worlds), Cloud Party (Web GL), Virtual World Framework (Web GL) and Proton Media Proto Sphere mobile (i Pad) 3D virtual worlds January 2016--The year of VR and AR: "There is huge investment from the biggest players whether it is Facebook with Oculus, Microsoft with Holo Lens, Sony, Google" Virtual worlds reborn: Can Second Life's second life democratise VR?We need to especially identify and focus/capitalise on what 3D virtual worlds are best at--those (useful) things/scenarios that can only be effectively carried out in virtual worlds and not via any other 'e' medium (as effectively), and also determine the optimal formulae for blended approaches that combine 2D and 3D media.See also: paper section entitled 'Discussion' 'Why virtual worlds? 3D (or both), or 'Why conduct events and meetings in Second Life?' Again, this is not a full answer, but just some thoughts.

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