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At the end of the extension period, you automatically become eligible for VGLI, subject to premium payments.

You are generally still covered by SGLI if you are a member of the Ready Reserve or National Guard and are: SGLI premium rates are the same as those drilling for pay.

There are several myths, rumors and misconceptions about SGLI and VGLI insurance floating around.

Please visit our Myths and Rumors page to find out what's true and what's false.

You need someone to control your orgasms, perhaps even withholding them altogether from time to time - just to keep you in line. In addition to our regular one-time or occasional phone sessions, which you can arrange at any time when the mood strikes, we now offer structured orgasm denial training programs.But once the orgasm denial session starts, that's it. After the start of an orgasm denial session, there is no room for compromise. You want to be teased to the brink of orgasm, and kept there, the pleasure almost too intense to tolerate. You can also improve your sex life by using tease and denial to learn orgasm control.You've come here for orgasm denial, or perhaps you like a long cockteasing session that ends with an orgasm.However, each branch of service handles payment of premiums during this non-pay period differently.If you are a drilling Reservist or Guard member in a non-pay status and have questions about whether you are covered by SGLI and how to pay your premiums, view our branch of service contact list for the number to call for information.

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