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Now you really have no need to leave your own bathroom.

There are more than 3.2 million British households with self-installed, connected surveillance cameras on the market, according to research from

It sends you an alert if it sees movement and it claims to be clever enough to tell the difference between a person and a pet.

Even so, I did get an alert or two when it saw my dog climb off the sofa.

This means that it can use clever software to zoom in on part of the picture and even follow subjects around the room with detailed footage.

Enough, Nest says, for faces to be recognisable in such detail it could be used as evidence.

If you’re unsure about wanting to be recorded while you’re at home then there is a cover that slides across the lens.

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It’s one of the many ways you can secure your home and it can definitely add peace of mind while you’re away.

Most security cameras now transmit footage to an i Phone and Android app so you can tune in to see all is safe (or check Fido is behaving himself) from wherever you are.

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method of documenting tracking and updating software licenses