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I do hope that anyone who hears them will leave criticism of my work, for it is quite hard doing such a thing without a mentor.Again, if you would like to contact me, please use [email protected] plastic macs were allowed as part of our school uniform, they had to be grey, grey-black, or black, to harmonise with the navy blue basic uniform.Because the girls preferred the more colourful macs, which were frowned upon, it followed that far more boys wore the standard plastic Pakamacs than girls.But anyway, this first of my books is based on my very real history, it is not fiction, and if you really would like to hear the whole of the first book, of which there are many, all you have to do is to send an email using a proper email address to [email protected]And I will then point you to where I have stored the files.

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But the stories really do reflect such feelings about Pakamac rainwear, especially a poor lads coming to terms with such a thing, as well as the tragedy that enfolds.However, a few girls did have their own way, and I recall a beautiful see-through mac in a vivid emerald green, well worn.The colour was particularly striking, and was only equalled when Pakamac brought out their new range in 1977. So, there is another piece of waterproof trivia, and there will be more to come.Oh, and I have been using the name Pakamac ever since the internet really got going in the early eighties, so that must give you some notion of my age... An excellent contribution from Plasticjiffymac, outlining the agonies and ecstasies of waterproof enthusiasm.I too tried the address from my gmail account and was so pleased I did.

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