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At college we'd had a few "brothers' as they liked to call themselves but they pretty well stuck to themselves.

The only thing I had learned about them was from my good friend Ellen Barclay who, in spite of all the snickering she'd received from her classmates, had fallen for Tyrell Cleaver a handsome black quarterback on the school football team.

I'd been so turned on by it that in a moment of weakness I'd confessed to Stanley I could imagine doing it with Robert.

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" The crowd of women filling the large hall cried out in unison I took a big swallow of water from my glass, cleared my throat and carried on. Maybe I should start by saying that people would never suspect underneath my prim and proper middle class exterior I have an intense craving for large black cocks.

After we'd dropped the twins off at their camp, Stanley and I returned home and cracked open a bottle of champagne to toast our new freedom. Now with the girls away at camp, it literally sprang back to life.

We congratulated ourselves on making a wise decision then settled in to have a restful summer. For the first time in years, we had some privacy, and we began to try out various things to enhance our love life.

"First of all, before we begin our meeting, is there anyone that is here for their very first time? Having made up my mind to suppress my trepidation I slowly and somewhat hesitantly, raised my hand.

A woman sitting in the row behind me patted me on the shoulder, congratulating me on being so brave. "I am." The woman put me at ease, giving me a nice warm smile. Would you care to come up to the podium and introduce yourself, and perhaps share your story with us?

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