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Those who claimed no religious affiliation — “nones,” as the foundation playfully calls them — are the third-largest group worldwide, trailing only Christians and Muslims and rivaling Catholics in population. “It seems like in many European countries, in North America, and in Australia and New Zealand, unaffiliated numbers are on the rise …It’s an important and remarkable trend.”It is important and remarkable because it raises key questions about what sparked this gradual shift and, significantly, what it means for the future of a race that has for centuries relied on religion as a guiding moral code and a physical place to connect.But there’s still a fear of death — big questions around things like that — and I think those kinds of things keep people spiritual, even though they might not be religious.”A lack of historic data, or restrictions in accessing it, make it impossible to prove whether this shift is true worldwide, but the Pew Foundation this week released the next best thing — a far-reaching snapshot on religious adherence culled from 2,500 different data sources across 232 countries.And what it implicitly projects is this: Much of the western world is at the gates of a transformation, leaving behind religion in favour of more individualized spirituality. believe in God or a higher power — this, in a year when America for the first time shed its status as a Protestant-majority nation.“To my knowledge, [the Pew report] is the first scientific estimate of how big the global non-affiliated population is, ever,” said Conrad Hackett, a lead researcher on the study, who is now analyzing demographic data to scientifically project the future of religion worldwide. “Is there a church out there that gets being Spiritual but not Religious? “Check us out.”The ad does not disguise the church’s Christian affiliation — it bears a cross within a flame and the motto “a church with a difference.” But it also features a rainbow, the symbol of inclusivity made ubiquitous by the gay community, in the hopes of attracting reluctant believers into its dwindling fold. C., church’s advertising campaign resonated when a stranger at the grocery store interrupted her shopping and thanked the First United Church for putting out such a welcoming message.If you would like to see your organization listed in this section please Email us at: [email protected] do not charge for this service.Good Call™ is a free service that lists many thousands of available scholarships.

When those words came out of his mouth, I truly felt like I'd been gut punched.This group even has its own increasingly used acronym, SBNR.“There’s an ongoing interest in things that fall into the spiritual category — What’s the meaning of life? “But people today don’t see institutionalized religion as having the ability to answer those big questions anymore …I really think we’re in a state of flux.”All this has rankled some church leaders, such as Rev.We have found the following lists of religious Internet sites of interest.They deal with a wide range of spiritual, religious, human rights, medical, ethics and secular topics.

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