Gentoo emerge config files in etc need updating

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When using your playbook, don’t forget to specify to provide the password to unlock the file.Test your configuration like so, by trying to contact your Windows nodes.At the prompt, you can quickly start using the latest Ansible release by running the following commands: After you’ve successfully run these commands, you can start to create your inventory, write example playbooks and start targeting systems using the plethora of available Windows modules.If you want to run Ansible from source for development purposes, simply uninstall the pip-installed version (which will leave all the necessary dependencies behind), then clone the Ansible source, and run the hacking script to configure it to run from source: Kerberos is the preferred option compared to NTLM to use when using an Active Directory account but it requires a few extra steps to set up on the Ansible control host.

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This is covered in a later section about how to enable Power Shell remoting - and if necessary - how to upgrade Power Shell to a version that is 3 or higher.

This is used instead of SSH-keys or passwords as normally fed into Ansible: .

If that fails, either because you are not signed into Kerberos on the control machine or because the corresponding domain account on the remote host is not available, then Ansible will fall back to “plain” username/password authentication.

The temporary credential caches are deleted after each task, and will not interfere with the default credential cache.

To disable automatic ticket management (e.g., to use an existing SSO ticket or call If you unable to connect using kerberos, check the following: Ensure that forward and reverse DNS lookups are working properly on your domain.

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