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Don’t take it personally if you don’t get a second date out of it, and don’t feel obligated to call someone back for another if you weren’t feeling a connection.

You don’t need to go out there looking for your next wife, just take it easy and enjoy meeting new people.

” (And if she sticks around, perhaps consider if we are compatible for a relationship).

Well, as unfortunate as it may sound at first, that won’t be the case anymore. Use the experience you have gained as an adult to your advantage.

You will be talking a lot about your lives, but try and gloss over the unpleasant details until you have made a firm connection with someone.

This relates back to why it is so important to get yourself back into a routine and rediscover hobbies or interests: The divorce is obviously the biggest news in your recent life and you could talk about the specifics for days, but new romantic interests will be put off by talk of a bitter past.

Even if your marriage was a disaster, you are bound to have picked up a little more knowledge and perception about the things women like than in your past single life.

Dates are never going to go over well if you are constantly worrying.

It may seem intimidating at first, but try not to over-think it: After you are ready to move forward and you can push past the anxiety of being back in the dating scene, it will become just another fun thing to do on weekend nights.

Recovering from Your Last Relationship Preparing for a New Date Being a Good Date Community Q&A Getting back into the dating scene after being in a relationship can be tricky.

The same as before you were married, not every date is going to turn into a long-lasting relationship.

That does not mean you are doing something wrong, it’s just how life works.

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