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If you take a look at any given woman's profile, she often describes the man she's looking for as kind, loving, sweet, and sincere.When men who contact her online display anything but those qualities, being confrontational or name-calling makes her feel even more validated to not have pursued you.With a little spit and polish men can become online heartthrobs.I'm not playing gender favorites, as women have their own share of frustrating habits.

The good news is that all of these things are fixable.

Not Asking Questions from a Well-Written Profile A woman takes a lot of time to write her profile and thinks she says a lot of interesting things.

Then, a guy messages her and just says, "hi, how are you today?

But, in online dating especially, "normal" women feel like they can't get a man's attention if they aren't perfect.

Studies show that 2/3 of all messages sent by men go to the top 1/3 of attractive women.

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