Gta san andreas millie dating time

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Now just make your way back to the drop off which is marked with a yellow blip on the radar.Park in the circle and CJ will hand over the explosives. ,000 Respect The Quarry Side Missions Have Now Been Unlocked.Getting down should only take 30 seconds at the most, just run carefully off the edge of the steep drops.Usually you'll be able to walk down the slope without taking any damage.

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The Triads Fender Ketchup Explosive Situation Heist Missions Architectural Espionage Key To Her Heart Dam And Blast Cop Wheels Up, Up And Away!

The Triads You've Had Your Chips The Truth Don Peyote The Mafia Intensive Care The Meat Business Frank Tenpenny Misappropriation The Triads Fish In A Barrel The Mafia Freefall Frank Tenpenny High Noon Madd Dogg Madd Dogg The Mafia Saint Mark's Bistro Heist Missions Breaking The Bank At Caligula's The Triads A Home In The Hills Woozie is telling you about some problems with the Casino when one of his guys comes in and tells everyone that they caught someone trying to mess with their delivery.

CJ tells him to tie the guy to the front of a car and he'll go out and make him talk.

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