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"We are trying to adapt to a fragmented social environment that is very alien to the one we evolved to live in." Fortunately, he says, there is some good news. Men particularly think that no one wants to hear their stories.

But it is easier than you think to make new friends. We need to devote more of it to other people." Tall Mature Guy would be willing to give up some time.

Such is the important of "face" and the potential loss thereof, that Japanese families are even keen to rent relatives.

Customers in the country have their pick of agencies supplying "friends" or "relatives" and go as far as to hire an august-looking "uncle" to add gravitas to their side of the aisle at a wedding ceremony.

He wants to know if there are any "ladies in North West London who just like to get together now and then for some company? " Annie is 19 and didn't make it into college in America.

She has decided to come to England to pursue her dreams of making it as a photographer.

It started in Japan as a service for the acutely, sometimes painfully, socially aware.

"You have to do a lot of soul-searching to explore your motives for looking for this kind of connection," she says.

"While the technology is there to advertise for friends, it shouldn't be a sneaky way of getting relationship needs filled by someone else.

"No one was offering friendship," says the marketing whiz. On the site, "friends" sign-up to offer themselves – from a few pounds per hour – to the lonely, bored or plain curious. "Looking to make new friends, nothing more," pleads a 26-year-old male. I have always loved London, ever since I was a little girl and would to love to make new friends in the area.

"Any creative, interesting people want to meet for a coffee/drink? "I would like to get to know other FEMALES aged between 24-50.

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