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The history of dentistry is almost as ancient as the history of humanity and civilization with the earliest evidence dating from 7000 BC.

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Dentistry is often also understood to subsume the now largely defunct medical specialty of stomatology (the study of the mouth and its disorders and diseases) for which reason the two terms are used interchangeably in certain regions.Most main transmitters and some relays transmit all six main digital , see the links at the bottom of the page.Note that I am aware of some data conflicts between sources, and while I have endeavoured in good faith to resolve these correctly, it's unlikely that I have succeeded in every case, and while I apologise in advance for any errors that may be here, I accept no responsibility for their consequences.From 14/2/2017, just two weeks before the first channel release at Selkirk, further information should be available from the Freeview Advice Line on Freephone 0808 1000288, and from the Digital UK & Ofcom links at the bottom of this page.It should be noted that there is great uncertainty as to whether and by how much 4G & 5G services will affect reception in those areas where TV continues to be broadcast on immediatly neighbouring channels.

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