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The amazing new app that connects people on holiday BEFORE they arrive in resort!Ever met someone on the last day of your holiday wishing you’d met them on the first? HOLi D8 (or Holidate) is a brand new, fun dating service that is intended to make dating on Holiday as easy as ordering a Tequila Sunrise.Are they trying to see if you're down for some Holiday fun?Do they regret treating you the way they did and want to apologize? I have definitely been marleyed although we didn't call it that back in the day.

You know the drill: you’re in your hometown for the holidays, you end up going out to a local bar, you encounter an old classmate or coworker, they eventually hit you up on Facebook, yadda, yadda, yadda.It’s very likely that when you’re making contact with this person again, you’re backsliding into old habits.“Often relationships end for valid reasons such as a lack of compatibility.If you don’t want extra features, you can simply continue using HOLi D8 for free.Oh, the holidays: the time of year to close your laptop, sign out of your work email, and spend some quality time by the fire. We know you’re a busy professional who is probably answering pings on New Year’s Day!

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