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1992 A storm over the Maritimes produced snow, rain, freezing rain and winds gusting to more than 100km/h.

Small planes were damaged in the wind and the storm caused a 5 storey building being built in Dartmouth, NS to collapse.

Check out the list of upcoming Ottawa speed dating and singles events and don’t miss your opportunity to sign up before spots fill up: The restaurant’s exposed brick walls and bold vibrant colors imbue the main dining area with a truly intimate atmosphere, making it perfect for romantic rendezvous or corporate cocktail receptions.

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The same storm produced a fall of 53cm snow at Moncton, NB. Temperatures at Hall Beach, NT were -46C and winds 61km/h and at Pelly Bay, NT -51C and 56km/h.An "Urban Pub" is a fusion of today, yesterday, the local community, current trends and what's great just the way it is.330 Elgin Street, Ottawa, K1V 1X3 613-567-1088 Inside, the pub is cozy and private.1909 Heavy rain on the 5th and 6th damaged roads and bridges in New Brunswick.Close to 100mm rain fell in Saint John and Sussex whilst ice breaking up in the south-west branch of the Miramichi River left ice piled up to 3m high along river banks.

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