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Gifted At Risk Strikes Home A personal perspective from a parent and educator about a gifted son.Examining Claims About Gifted Children end Suicide The latest research is provided on this tragic topic Psychological Autopsy Provides Insight Into Gifted Adolescence More current information on this impor- tant age group.Featured articles include: (1) "The Gifted Student At Risk.

Lavender is probably the most famous aromatic herb.* * ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★*******************************************^^^^^****^^.;^.^^^ VO 00 cs COMMUNICATOR CO n VOLUME 28, NUMBERS 1-4 HH w WINTER-FALL 1997 U. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Office of Educational Research and Improvement EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES INFORMATION ^ CENTER (ERIC) document has been reproduced as received from the person or organization originating it.□ Minor changes have been made to improve reproduction quality.Callahan); (9) "Work, Interests, and Love: Developing Your Strengths and Talents" (Sally M. 1997-00-00 182p.; Published four times a year (Winter, Spring, Summer^ Fall) .Reis) ; (10) "The Growing Problem of Gifted Unde r a chi ever. Brown) ; (11) "Minding Your Own Resource: A Team Approach To Raising a Gifted Child" (Bev Mast) ; (12) "Writing Standards To Meet the Needs of GATE Students" (Catherine Barkett) ; (13) "The Internet and Gifted Students: Making the Connections" (Karen Krupnick) ; (14) "So My Child Is Gifted--What Now? Darr) ; (16) "Alternative Assessment: Coming Closer To Measuring Learning" (Barbara Clark) ; (17) "Magnet Schools Offer Option for Gifted Students" (Kriste Mencher) ; (18) "Our Son Did Not Come with an Instruction Book: The Story of Our Search to Help Our Gifted Learning Disabled, ADD Son" (Sheila Moskowitz) ; (19) "College and Beyond: Access and Success for Students with Learning and Attention Disabilities" (Madeleine Brandli and Kathleen Pommer) ; (20) "Double Confusion: When a Child Is Twice Exceptional" (Marcia Dijiosia); and (21) "Highly Gifted Students: A Report from the Trenches" (Bruce Saunders) . California Association for the Gifted (CASS) , 425 Escuela Ave., Suite 19, Mountain View, CA 94040; Tel: 415-965-0653; fax: 415-965-0654 .

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